International Clinical PHONETICS AND LINGUISTICS Association 

Welcome to the official website of The International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association (ICPLA).


ICPLA is an international organization that aims to stimulate the application of linguistics and phonetics to the study of disordered speech and language.


This site contains information about the history of ICPLA as well as its current goals and activities. You will also find information about our biannual meeting and our official journal.


ICPLA mission

The International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association is a non-profit-making international organization devoted to the study of phonetics and linguistics in relation to disordered speech and language. Specifically its mission is to:

1.   Stimulate thought and research in the area.

2.   Facilitate interaction and communication between researchers and clinicians.

3.   Organise regular meetings/conferences both nationally and internationally on relevant topics in clinical phonetics and linguistics.

What is clinical linguistics?

Clinical linguistics is the application of linguistics, and all its sub-disciplines, to the study of communication disorders. The insights of this application can be used to enhance linguistic theory or to develop approaches to the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders.